2Y3X in the Middle East

Announcing 2Y3X MENA

2Y3X, the growth acceleration programme with a five-year track record of doubling participating companies’ revenue, is launching in the Middle East and North Africa.

Left to right: Jihad Al Houwayek, Georges R. Chakar – 2Y3X programme Middle East and North Africa, GCC region

United Kingdom-based 2Y3X has signed an agreement with LINK Advisory, the UAE-based management consultancy, to deliver the 2Y3X® Programme throughout the Middle East region and North Africa (MENA). The programme launches with two tiers, one for rapid rebound planning and execution over ninety days, the other a two-year programme designed to rapidly scale participating companies.

2Y3X co-founder Felix Velarde said, “The team headed by Georges Chakar and Jihad Al Houwayek is highly regarded in the region and shares both our values and our vision. 2Y3X’s mission is to give business leaders the tools and processes to break through the business plateau and rapidly scale their companies. With the programme now available in the MENA region we can now help more business owners achieve their ambitions.”

Founder and CEO of LINK Advisory, Georges Chakar said, “It is an honour to partner with Felix Velarde and Frank Kelcz on this exciting venture. As the master licensee for the programmeprogram in the MENA region, our mandate is to work with leaders and organisations to not only assist them to rebound from the current economic turmoil caused by the pandemic, but also to help them create agile and resilient teams with a positive outlook. We are delighted to be able to provide the programme to companies in the region, to give them the tools to drive growth and acceleration so they can benefit from emerging opportunities.”

The 2Y3X programmeprogram is a two-year programme for companies that have reached a plateau but who lack the processes and frameworks to be able to expand. The entry-level 2Y3X QuickMap® programme is a 90-day version for companies who need strategic planning for a fast rebound. The company also operates a pro bono service for companies that are in need, with a particular focus on minority and women-owned businesses.

LINK Advisory is a consulting firm implementing business transformation strategies in growth markets. It covers a variety of industry sectors including hospitality, tourism, retail, telecoms and government, and has worked with some of the region’s biggest brands.

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Left to right: Jihad Al Houwayek, Georges R. Chakar – 2Y3X programme Middle East and North Africa, GCC region

2Y3X in the Middle East

2Y3X has signed an agreement with LINK Advisory to deliver 2Y3X throughout the Middle East ...
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