How to use culture to drive growth

How to use culture to drive growth

We are excited to present a fantastic panel discussion about the importance of culture, the future of work and the role your people play in your growth strategy.

Chris Shipley is an advisor driven by social impact. Chris wrote The Adaptation Advantage to guide individuals and business leaders towards the future of work, where they can leave a positive mark on the world.

Bretton Putter is an expert on company culture development and has written two books, Culture Decks Decoded and Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture.

Chris Averill is a successful entrepreneur, a 2Y3X consultant and is the author of Build, Sell, Retire, the essential guide to selling a business.

Felix Velarde is the co-founder of 2Y3X and author of Scale at Speed, the manual for business leaders who want to achieve rapid growth.

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Self-assessment scorecard

It is rare to get an impartial expert view of your business. It can also be a powerful motivator.

The self-assessment scorecard will highlight strengths, critical weaknesses and opportunities for quick wins. It will show you what you should prioritise so you can remove roadblocks and start preparing to scale up.

The scorecard will take around 4 minutes to complete.

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