The 2Y3X Programme triples revenue

  • Alpha Century
  • ATA One
  • Beep
  • Bluechip
  • Deeson
  • Direction Group Unlimited
  • Hoxo Media
  • Impero
  • JH
  • Nucco Brain
  • One TV
  • Rawnet
  • Verb Brands
  • White Bear Studios

“We’ve tripled our headcount, the turnover’s tripled and profit percentage doubled. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Stefano Marrone, MD, Nucco Brain (a Unit9 company)

The 2Y3X Programme is for companies that want to expand fast. You may want to increase exit value, maximise an earn-out, prove viability before fresh fundraising, build a superstar succession team, or fuel international expansion.

This is a structured growth acceleration programme that requires commitment and dedication. As a result it delivers fast and continuous improvement, and you will quickly find yourself with a highly motivated team and a truly scalable business.

Founded by industry-leading serial founder Felix Velarde and international tech VC Frank Kelcz, the 2Y3X Programme uses three proprietary frameworks to build the scaffolding required for fast scaling up. It lasts two years, with 24 days of on-site planning, training and progress meetings led by experienced CEOs, chairs and leadership coaches.

It begins with Proposition and Strategy development workshops, which serve as an induction for candidate firms. The results speak for themselves. For more information get in touch.

“We’ve achieved more in the first month than we usually do in a year.”

Adam Smith, MD, Rawnet


The growth accelerator programme
Velarde, Kelcz & Partners
Telephone: +44 777 557 2000
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