The importance of prioritising proposition

The importance of prioritising proposition

For business leaders currently facing disruption to almost every aspect of normal workflow, it can be hard to know where to start when setting and working towards future goals.

Staff might be furloughed, marketing approaches will almost definitely have shifted, and as external factors become less predictable, it’s even more important that what you offer to customers and clients is crystal clear.

And so, before you even consider planning tools and processes, your focus should ultimately be on one thing: knowing what you offer. What we’ve seen with our programme participants is that a strong proposition sets their companies up for significant growth.

Clarity then, is the critical first step of any successful growth strategy.

The 2Y3X approach to this is to run a remote workshop-based proposition development process for 2Y3X programme participants. During these we identify what your clients need and define what you offer in a neat and workable statement – designed by you, to last for a number of years.

In this session we unpack all the uncertainties to reach the key things that set you apart from your competitors. It can then be articulated so that potential customers will know exactly who turn to if and when they need what you provide. This means prospects are self-selecting. Clearly it requires the correct marketing activity to tickle new prospects, but this springs directly from the proposition itself – a great proposition is self-propagating, with a well-judged nudge here and there.

Having this tightly established proposition statement allows your team to express what your company does best, and to use it as the foundation for building a strategy which sets you on course for outstanding growth. It will also ensure that you are standing strong as we enter the post-pandemic economy.

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