The client’s experience

2Y3X – the client’s experience

The lowdown on how the 2Y3X programme works in real life, from the perspective of a founder and CEO who has been on the 2Y3X journey with us. You’ll learn how they built a growth lab team and developed a plan of action to start scaling at speed. Deeson founder Tim Deeson is interviewed by 2Y3X’s Jim Sterne, Mia McTigue-Rodriguez and Felix Velarde. There’s a ton of insight in this recording – this one is not to be missed!

Keywords: Strategy, planning, client experience

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Self-assessment scorecard

It is rare to get an impartial expert view of your business. It can also be a powerful motivator.

The self-assessment scorecard will highlight strengths, critical weaknesses and opportunities for quick wins. It will show you what you should prioritise so you can remove roadblocks and start preparing to scale up.

The scorecard will take around 4 minutes to complete.

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