Three-year strategy map and roadmap workshops for digital, advertising and marketing agencies

The 2Y3X Strategy Map workshop

Transform goals that never materialise into
a three-year action plan that actually works


Achieve your goals

Every founder starts with big plans, then the weeds stop you making progress. The 2Y3X Strategy Map crystallises your goals, defines the practical quarterly steps required, and maps out your first year’s tasks.


Guaranteed buy-in

This one-day workshop starts by structuring three audacious goals. Working with your Growth Lab Team we’ll then develop the action plan – and because this team co-creates the plan, they will be bought in from day one.


Powerful results

When it feels like you don’t have time to breathe, the 2Y3X Strategy Map is a powerful tool that keeps your team on track. Nearly every agency that has completed the programmeprogram at least doubled revenue and more than tripled value.

Expert action planning

Strategy made simple


One day workshop for you and your 5-person Growth Lab Team with expert remote facilitation

Around seven hours, plus one discovery call and one briefing call for team selection

Expert remote facilitation


Single one-off fee of £4,200$8,400

You will be eligible to join the main programmeprogram on completion

Monthly check-in days can be added for the same price


A point-by-point plan to transform your business

Switch from firefighting to structured growth with 100% team buy-in

Three-year Strategy Map plus your first year’s roadmap including defined quarterly tasks for your team

What you need to know

Frequently asked questions

What is the 2Y3X Strategy Map?

The 2Y3X Strategy Map is a three-year plan broken into quarterly actionable tasks. It works brilliantly for companies who have great ambitions but keep getting bogged down in the weeds or are constantly on the back foot.

See how it works here: Video – the Strategy Map explained (the same video is also shown above)

Does it work?

Our clients say:

“Brilliant at getting management to focus on what really matters and getting us to let go of things that are not contributing to our strategic aims.” – Fred Moore, founder and COO, Matter Of Form

“We’ve achieved more in the first month than we usually do in a year.” – Adam Smith, founder and Managing Director, Rawnet

The Strategy Map workshop also is the starting point of the 2Y3X program itself, and so if you complete the workshop you can decide to join the program straight away. This workshop leads all the way through to the results our agency clients get – hitting your financial goals or we forfeit half our fee.

How long does it take?

The Strategy Map workshop is a one-day, expertly facilitated online workshop for 5-6 people. It’s prefaced by a separate preparatory call with the founders or CEO to better understand your team, finances, goals and ambitions, and a briefing call on who should be in your Growth Lab Team.

Who should be in the workshop?

Ideally 5-6 people in the workshop for the whole day. We recommend the founders plus the most future-focused, committed A-players you have in your business.

This isn’t always the same as the Senior Management Team, whose job is often to maintain stability and continue doing what you do best. Transformative change requires people who want to make a positive, lasting contribution to the future of the company. This team is going to design and then help you build a bigger, better, brighter version of the agency. We’ll help you select the right team, just get in touch.

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