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Value proposition development

Crystal clarity

A truly simple proposition should ring like a Tibetan bell. Yet most companies struggle to stand out, and almost all need outside help to pin down their unique voice.

Establishing competitive differentiation is often the starting point for the companies we work with. We believe clarity of proposition is one of the critical success factors for companies that go on to achieve stellar growth.

We run a remote workshop-based proposition development process for both 2Y3X® participants and non-programme clients.

The output of the two-day process is a clean, honest and powerful value proposition statement designed to last years, along with advice on how to leverage it to attract the clients you want. With the prospect of a major recession and with it a period of great opportunity for some, clear positioning in the eyes of your potential customers is a necessity.

The approach

This twenty minute interview by ACrew4U discusses the thinking we use when we’re working with companies to define their new proposition. It talks about what makes a great positioning statement, why truth matters, and how it affects your future growth.

The examples below are the result of this process. For pricing and available dates please contact us

“We loved working with you to define our value proposition statement. It was a massively valuable exercise.”

Drew Wilkins, Founder, Fish in a Bottle

  • Impero proposition agency proposition statement
  • Synthetic AI proposition and podcast strapline
  • Deeson agency value proposition statement
  • We Are Commit social media agency USP
  • Bluechip value proposition – Clever campaigns crafted up North
  • Fish In A Bottle agency tag line
  • We are JH web development agency
  • Alpha Century agency positioning
  • White Bear Studios brand agency mission statement

“In a single day, we made more progress on our proposition than we had in two years. We now have a clear and articulate way to express the complexity of our business, with pride.”

Jim Meadows, Founder, Commit

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