How to develop a value proposition


Value proposition workshops

Are you trying to be all things to all people?

Identifying what sets you apart from competitors is the single most important thing you can do to drive growth. But it’s tough to define. Try it. Right now.

A tight and clearly-articulated value proposition focuses your team and signals to the right clients that you are the only fit for them.

Our two-day intensive workshop delves deep into the question: what are you best at? For past clients, that’s been making tired brands famous again or being the creative agency for entrepreneurs.

What about you?

Your investment

£8.4k$16.7k to focus your team and win more clients. The workshops are remote and work best for a group of 5-8 people.

“In a single day, we made more progress on our proposition than we had in two years. We now have a clear and articulate way to express the complexity of our business, with pride.”

Jim Meadows, Founder, Commit

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