Pro bono service for entrepreneurs

Pro bono services

For nine months during the COVID-19 lockdowns we made our services free to those in need. We then decided to make this part of the way we do business. The service is based on the ‘light’ version of the QuickMap® programme. The three-month period consists of four Zoom-based team workshops run by volunteer from our team.

The first day will be a workshop with you and your best people, deciding on priorities, triaging activities, scenario planning, and building an immediate plan of action. We will ensure you understand your options in the context of emergency leadership and crisis management, have a plan of action that is appropriate, effective and achievable, and we will hold you and your team’s feet to the flames to ensure you come out the other side in a stronger position.

Who can apply?

2Y3X Pro bono is for companies that genuinely cannot yet afford our commercial services. Priority is given to owners in under-served communities. If you have a non-executive director or growth consultants already then please use their services as we will be unable to accommodate you. There are no strings attached, however you and your team will be expected to work diligently with us to come out of the three-month process successfully.

If you would like to apply, please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

If you want to discuss entering the commercial 2Y3X programme please contact us here

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