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“I am still buzzing with ideas. They assembled a thoroughbred panel of specialists who have ‘been there and done it’ and shared lots of invaluable insights for us all to implement in our respective businesses.”

Léon Milns, Founder, WeAreAdam

Don’t just drop ’em: What clients want from corporate advisors post-deal

We will be holding a 90-minute morning event especially designed for legal, tax and M&A advisors. Date TBC shortly.

Experienced entrepreneurs who have sold – some multiple times – will offer a perspective on how corporate advisors can prepare their clients for the post-deal period, what tools are available to help, and what advice will be most useful to provide.

The speakers will discuss what really happens from the seller’s point of view after the deal is inked, what pressures they will face, and what they need to do in order to maximise their earnout – and how you, as their corporate advisors, can help.

We will cover a practical methodology for ensuring the maximum possible final payouts are achieved, including a structured approach to creating and empowering a succession team, and show how corporate advisors can benefit from a continuing relationship.

Tickets will cost £100+VAT. Register your interest now

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“The event was a mix of practical advice, heart and honest raw human experience. A powerful and valuable starting point for anyone serious about growing and transforming their business.”

Adah Parris, FT Top100 BAME Tech Leader

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