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We run frequent online events with industry-leading speakers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. Find out what’s coming up below or register to get notifications
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“I am still buzzing with ideas. They assembled a thoroughbred panel of specialists who have ‘been there and done it’ and shared lots of invaluable insights for us all to implement in our respective businesses.”

Léon Milns, Founder, WeAreAdam

‘Scale at speed’ series

Felix Velarde’s book, Scale at speed – How to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team, is available worldwide from Hachette’s Robinson imprint (see Amazon UK and USA). To accompany the launch we are putting on a free series of events with owners and leaders who have experienced the programme for themselves as well as speakers from 2Y3X’s roster of heavyweight consultants and trainers.

These online events include industry-leading speakers from the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. Sign up for notifications
about upcoming events.

Strategic goal setting with 2Y3X

Any plan is better than no plan. Bigger and braver goals force us to adapt, to make a plan that will actually move us closer to achieving them. Georges O.R. Chakar and Felix Velarde share how we take clients from the ‘end goal’ to today, working backwards to identify what needs to happen each year for them to succeed.

Keywords: Goal setting theory, strategy planning, culture

2Y3X – the client’s experience

The lowdown on how the 2Y3X programme works in real life, from the perspective of a founder and CEO who has been on the 2Y3X journey with us. You’ll learn how they built a growth lab team and developed a plan of action to start scaling at speed. Deeson founder Tim Deeson is interviewed by 2Y3X’s Jim Sterne, Mia McTigue-Rodriguez and Felix Velarde. There’s a ton of insight in this recording – this one is not to be missed!

Keywords: Strategy, planning, client experience

2Y3X – how does the Growth Lab work?

The Growth Lab Team is your foundation. The right people will build the future of your business from the ground up. But how do you get the right people on the team and motivate them properly? Watch this session with Andy Abramson, Frank Kelcz, Eva Appelbaum and Felix Velarde to find out.

Keywords: Growth Lab Team, superstars, values, delegation


To grow, your customers need to be happy and profitable. It’s a fine balancing act. Discover how to use the 2Y3X roadmap to focus your resources and manage customer satisfaction with Jim Sterne and Felix Velarde.

Keywords: Customers, profit, community

“The event was a mix of practical advice, heart and honest raw human experience. A powerful and valuable starting point for anyone serious about growing and transforming their business.”

Adah Parris, FT Top100 BAME Tech Leader

How to use culture to drive growth

2Y3X is excited to announce a fantastic panel discussion about the importance of culture, the future of work and the role your people play in your growth strategy.

Chris Shipley is an advisor driven by social impact. Chris wrote The Adaptation Advantage to guide individuals and business leaders towards the future of work, where they can leave a positive mark on the world.

Bretton Putter is an expert on company culture development and has written two books, Culture Decks Decoded and Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture.

Chris Averill is a successful entrepreneur, a 2Y3X consultant and is the author of Build, Sell, Retire, the essential guide to selling a business.

Felix Velarde is the co-founder of 2Y3X and author of Scale at Speed, the manual for business leaders who want to achieve rapid growth.

Sales and marketing

A guide to escaping the unpredictable sales funnel. How to line up several functions and have them running in parallel to bring in a stable flow of new customers. With Andy Abramson, Frank Kelcz, Felix Velarde and Jihad Al Houwayek.

Keywords: Lead generation, conversion, marketing, customers

When: 22nd June, 12 noon BST

Finance and corporate

How can you communicate the needs of the business if your employees are puzzled about the financial side of the business? Join M&A, agency and start-up finance expert Bryan Wilsher, Felix Velarde and Raph Crouan to learn how to create clarity with your growth lab team members so they can deliver more efficient systems and processes.

Keywords: Finances for non-accountants, P&L

When: 28th June, 4pm BST


A deeper dive into how to create a series of new processes to underpin your growth strategy. These processes will provide the tools and resources required, e.g. manuals for interviewing, how to measure efficiency, and how to maintain profits. This session will explore how a new process can be designed and implemented and how to embed it so it grows with you. With Jim Sterne, Silvia Christmann, Felix Velarde and former 2Y3X client Simon Wakeman.

Keywords: Embedding new processes, roadmaps

When: 5th July, 4pm BST

Bringing it together and emergency planning

Post-pandemic business growth 101 – how to use the 2Y3X methodology to scale all areas of your business, one step at a time. Andy Abramson, Felix Velarde, Frank Kelcz and White Bear’s Kelly Mackenzie.

Keywords: Quickmap programme

When: 20th July, 4pm BST

How to begin

How to actually put the 2Y3X methodology into practice. How you can approach it yourself or how a consultant can support and guide you through the process. Hear from 2Y3X clients about their experiences in a session with Felix Velarde, Mo Lishomwa and Rawnet’s CEO Adam Smith.

Keywords: 2Y3X in practice

When: 26th July, 4pm BST

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