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“In the course of a day (a very long day might I add), we covered strategy, execution, USP, services, differentiation, lead generation, selling, and a whole hell of a lot of great lessons learned. I walked away with more than I ever got getting my MBA.”

The 2Y3X start-up kickstart day is an extraordinarily practical workshop priced at £5,000$6,700 aimed at founders who want to get it right first time. It’s a tested and proven start-up formula developed by serial founders with multiple start-up successes. What you get is a plan of action that will save you months or years of trial and error and get you off to a solid start.

Our team has founded, led and advised scores of successful companies. We’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirts. We know exactly what you must do. We also know what not to do. And we know how to get yourself safely off the ground in the fastest and most effective way.

So we’ve put together an intensely practical workshop day for founders and founding teams. The content is bespoke for your company. Together with you and your co-founders during an intense day of planning and teaching we will:

  1. develop simple, strategic goals that are both ambitious and achievable based on scientific theory
  2. identify effective territory for your proposition (here are a few examples)
  3. create your first year’s step-by-step plan of action, with the essential tasks identified and put in priority order
  4. show you how to use value-based sales training so you can make a profit faster and compete even as a start-up
  5. discuss what you will do to attract your initial qualified prospective customers.

We will deliver this to you over the course of one very practical, information-packed workshop day.

We are happy to share the essentials for starting your own business even if you choose not to work with us to help you get off the ground. We’ve put together an hour-long video which goes into detail about how to launch a successful start-up. The video will give you a clear idea of what you need to do, in what order, and how to do it. Watch the video here.

For more information and available workshop dates in your region contact Mia McTigue-Rodriguez or simply fill in this form.

“You will never regret it. It will be the day your life changes. In my case, they gave me the tools and now I have to take those tools and do the work.”

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