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Identifying what sets you apart from competitors is the single most important thing you can do to drive growth. But it’s tough to define. Try it. Right now.

value proposition workshop

Increase profitability

You are twice as likely to be highly profitable if your whole company can clearly articulate your value proposition – finding from 2Y3X 2022 Scale-up Survey of over 500 companies.

Win new dream clients

A tight and clearly-articulated value proposition focuses your team and signals to the right clients that you are the only fit for them.

Attract the right employees

A clear value proposition gives you a head start in attracting the right people.

Tell clients why you stand out

We guide you through a practical framework that empowers your people to design, own and execute your company’s growth.

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  • Clients find you through self-identification

  • Every employee knows and can articulate the ‘why’ of your business

  • Improved likelihood of profitability

So what do you do?

A question our clients no longer struggle with. Answers below.

White bear value proposition
Impero value proposition
Synthetics value proposition
Deeson value proposition
Rawnet value proposition
Bynd value proposition
Fish in a bottle value proposition
White bear value proposition
Impero value proposition

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You have successfully built your company, gathering clients along the way. You’re now in a place to focus on what you do best and enjoy most. But what exactly is that?

What are the benefits of having a value proposition?
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A value proposition is a clear statement of what makes you stand out. It signals what you do and who you do it for. It is a focus point for your team and a beacon for the right clients to find you.

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