2Y3X is hiring

“Great people will help you soar.”

Felix Velarde, Scale at Speed

Thrive with 2Y3X

The 2Y3X programmeprogram teaches that people are the foundation of success. Not just the best people, but those who share your values. When it comes to hiring, we follow our own advice. As part of our commitment to creating a diverse and representative workplace, we strongly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

You will join a team of smart, inclusive, highly-motivated experts who love to learn and are committed to making our company a global market leader.

They flourish because they love what they do and are driven by the common goal of creating the very best outcome for our clients.

Lead consultant (USA)

2Y3X started in London in 2016 and has a stellar track record. We now have clients in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Canada and USA.

2Y3X is a two-year program delivering 100-200% revenue growth, by focusing on developing the next generation of talent within a proven framework, and is led by experienced faciliators.

We believe that businesses, and in particular agencies, can be run in a better way. Our competitors are generalist consultancies (EOS), are aimed at larger businesses (Gazelles), or don’t know how agencies work (everyone). We have a proven framework that empowers people and genuinely helps agencies of all kinds scale fast.

Hachette’s Scale at Speed is based on the frameworks and methodology.

We are currently looking for:

  • Successful US-based former or serial agency founder / CEO
  • Built an agency to > $8m
  • Experienced coach and mentor
  • Relevant interest in diversity and inclusion
  • At least four days a month available (covering four clients)
  • $24kpa for one day per month per client, plus potential $50k bonus per client after 2 years
  • Fully remote

Why are we hiring?

Our next area for growth is the US, specifically East Coast and Midwest. We have started working with Agency Ventures Aggregator (AVA) to deploy 2Y3X within its agency groups. We now want to build an independent agency client base from the ground up.

It’s going to take someone special. Someone who wants to give back to the entrepreneurial community, who believes that progress and positive change will come from nurturing the next generation of agency leaders. But also someone entrepreneurial, who is willing to build relationships and win people over.

If you are the right person you will be the one who sets the standard and helps us define our approach. We will train you at our expense, not yours, and give you ongoing support, systems and mentoring. You will become part of our amazing 2Y3X family.

What do we expect in return?

Help us win clients, retain them, then help them reach their financial and culture goals. Build our reputation. Attract other amazing consultants. Help us define how 2Y3X helps US agencies.

Please email [email protected] with a cover letter and your CV / links. We look forward to hearing from you.

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