Max pricing

Earnout Maximizer workshops

2Y3X Earnout Maximizer Roadmap workshop 2 $11,250
Q1 Roadmap days with Growth Lab Team 3 $16,875

Earnout Maximizer program

Fixed price
Guaranteed on-target
Monthly fee
Strategic growth team selection and training
2Y3X Strategy Map and Roadmap workshop
Monthly 1-1 founder sessions
Monthly team Roadmap and training days
$140,000 Guarantee
Value proposition creation included 1
Complimentary access for team to all events
On-demand consultant access (worldwide) 2
  1. Available as standalone $11,250
  2. Up to twelve additional 2-hour sessions per year

Reassurance if you stop early

If you cancel after the first workshop or during the subsequent three months 50% of the fees already paid will be refunded (25% on the fixed priced tariff).

Guaranteed on-target

The $140,000 guarantee is held in an escrow account and paid out on completion of the two-year program if the agreed financial target has not been met.

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