Steering the course: Socially distanced staff management

Steering the course: Socially distanced staff management

Now that we’re having to re-assess our positions in the world on an almost daily basis, it’s really important that at work, we all see where we stand. We need not only to get through this strange time, but also to grow through it. Organisations need to be (and many are) supporting employees through this changing work landscape. And this should really start with recalibrating the compass.

After all, we’re in this boat together. The ship’s still afloat, though it might not look like it used to. Our offices now resemble garden tables and meetings are meddled with by curious cats and children. But they’re there. And we can still create exceptional places to work, wherever these places might be.

The overall goals are also still on the horizon. But the course needs setting towards a clear destination on the map. And, more importantly, your crew needs focus. Each staff member needs to know what success looks like for the business now, as a whole, and what their personal part to play is within that. They need to see how you’ve plotted the chart, re-positioned the ark and made a plan to navigate these waters with them in mind.

“When the company takes care of its people, the people take care of the company.”

Josh Bersin

Reassure your team and be realistic. Make sure they know what’s expected of them and trust them to get it done. Remember, you hired them. You -and hopefully they- can visualise them being part of the future success of the company, post-pandemic. Chances are, they will still be as committed as before, they just need readjustment.

So, don’t let them drift. Lift them back up into the boat. The likelihood is, they’ll lift their whole department along with them.

To support you with teambuilding and strategizing during these uncertain times, we’ve gathered a team of specialist consultants offering their time and skills (for free) as part of our pro bono programme. They’re available to help you establish your next steps, get your best people back on board, feeling valued and steering in the right direction.

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