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Sell or accelerate – what’s your choice?

Whether you’re in your current situation with growth in mind, or with an exit plan in place, the 2Y3X programme’s upcoming event will teach you both how to prepare for a fast sale at max value and how to accelerate fast using the 2Y3X Roadmap process.

Success and growth looks different to everyone, but essentially, we’ve all had to make the choice at one point or another. Whether it’s deciding if a lifestyle, a relationship or a career path is fulfilling us. We chose whether to commit, to grow towards a shared goal, or to find the escape route – to leave with the best outcomes possible.

The conditions we’re currently working in give us two options. Do we strive for growth, or strive to sell? Both are equally ambitious, and both are end goals which the 2Y3X programme’s clients work towards (and achieve). The team helps businesses to create the necessary conditions, build the best teams, lay the groundwork and drive them towards success and contentment – whichever path they deliberately choose to aim for.

So, you’ve made the decision. You know where you want, or where you need to be, soon. Now what? On July 31st, The 2Y3X programme is running a two-stranded event for business owners who are determined to maximise the value of their company, build a brilliant team, and meet the future head on.

In part one of the event, attendees will hear from industry experts who have valuable advice on driving up company value and exiting at a premium sale price. For those who are determined to increase the value of their company in preparation for sale, this 1.5 hour session will equip them with the tools to do so.

BIMA committee member Chris Averill will also be speaking about his experience founding We Are Experience in 2003, and then selling it to Globant, a global digital transformation group, in 2016. He became Globant’s Head of Consulting, leaving in 2018, and has since been busy writing a manual for owners who want to make life changing sales.

In part two of the event, speakers will discuss immediate, practical steps to achieving your ambitious goals. Felix Velarde, co-founder of the 2Y3X programme will give a demonstration of the 2Y3X framework to show how it enables companies to double revenue in two years flat. Business owners Kelly Mackenzie and Dave Endersen from White Bear Studio will talk about their direct experience as a client, sharing what it was like to have participated in the 2Y3X Programme, how it works in reality and how to get the best out of the experience.

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