Goal-setting when nothing is guaranteed

Goal-setting when nothing is guaranteed

The past few weeks have shown that the world, it seems, owes us nothing. Now while that might seem like a bit of a devastating reality-check, it actually presents us with the brilliant notion that everything is a matter of possibility.

We have been reminded that each and every one of us are consistently creating and recreating our strategies. Strategy is – and always has been – what keeps us safe. Whether that’s making sure we are stocked up on supplies, caring for the vulnerable or having a crisis management plan in place for our businesses. We have steps to follow and frameworks to refer to. We keep informed and pace ourselves appropriately. In short, we survive.

So, we can either wait and let life happen to us and our businesses, or we can take action. Neither can ‘promise’ an outcome, and neither are necessarily predictable. But this action, this strategy steers us towards something. It gets us closer to a goal, which will then likely evolve into something bigger (and braver).

Just as the worst-case scenario can (and very often does) happen, the absolute best-cases can too. And if we start approaching goals with this what if? mindset, we will likely get much further, and progress on a far greater scale than we would if we continued to tread water.

This is the prime environment to act. To be resilient leaders. To embrace the uncertainty and reach a stronger position where your business can thrive, not only in the future, but in the here and now we’ve found ourselves in.

With that being said, we know that many businesses are really struggling with the current climate and would benefit hugely from the support of experts who have weathered similar crises. With this in mind, we’ve launched a pro bono programme.

We’ve gathered a team of fantastic consultants, who are all volunteering their spare time for the next three months to deliver emergency planning workshops, free of charge.

These workshops will include working with your best people, creating a plan of action and supporting you as you grow through this unsure time, towards success.

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