Building tracks vs backtracking

Building tracks vs backtracking

Should we really be focusing on rushing back to a normal that simply doesn’t exist anymore?

It appears that we have been given an opportunity. A mostly grim and unwelcome one, don’t get me wrong, but digging for silver linings is what we do best… It’s an opportunity to reconsider what we want our personal lives, and our work lives to look like. What ‘normal’ now looks like, and where we want it to be.

I imagine that most of us are probably counting down the days until we can reunite with loved ones, but also for when we can safely raise our glasses with the colleagues who helped us navigate through a very strange time.

While we might be impatient to reach this social aspect (and rightfully so), the temptation to return to using work processes that functioned ‘perfectly well’ in the pre-Covid world, might not now serve any of us in the long run.

Corporate culture is changing. It always has been. But now, it’s becoming clearer that some things are not just temporary… Remote working could become the new norm, as CEOs like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey hint that their staff will continue to be able to work flexibly, permanently, post-lockdown.

But, we aren’t starting from scratch here. Leaders know what thriving looks like. And how this image translates into business plans and expands our ambitions. Through simple repositioning and using strategy planning methods, we can identify the daily steps which can feed into future success, and keep businesses agile and adaptable.

So, we don’t need to backtrack. We need to build the tracks. We create strategies and collaborate in cyberspace to figure out what we might expect next. We ask when the ‘after’ will begin, when the future might actually start.

It starts on Friday, by the way. No, really. We’ll be bringing business leaders together and joining word-class speakers to discuss short-term strategic planning, so we can prepare for the ‘after’, regardless of what the world of work might bring, post-pandemic.

We’ll be exploring how the different programmes we offer at 2Y3X can help you address your brand positioning and kickstart growth acceleration. These programmes use methodologies which have a five-year track record of supporting companies who have since scaled up and become market leaders.

Ultimately, we’ll ask where you and your company need to be in three months’ time. And then we’ll help you get there. Shall we?

Thanks to all who joined us on Friday, keep an eye on our website for news on upcoming events, or sign up to receive a Super-Early-Bird invitation to the next event here.

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