2Y3X Strategy Map workshop


2Y3X Strategy Map workshop

Transform vague goals into an actionable three-year plan.

Every founder starts with big plans, then the day-to-day takes over. The 2Y3X Strategy Map is a simple tool that crystallises your goals and outlines practical quarterly steps to achieve them.

The one-day workshop starts at the end by helping you define three audacious goals (they’ll be bigger than you expect). We then work backwards, analysing the practical steps to make them happen.

When it feels like you don’t have time to breathe, The 2Y3X Strategy Map is a powerful reference tool to keep your team on track.

Your investment

£4,200 + VAT$8,333 for a point-by point-plan to transform your business. The workshops are remote and work best for a group of between 4-6 people.

“Turns theory into reality and puts strategy into practice. The results speak for themselves.”

Claire Nash, MomentumABM

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